Secured Payments

💰 Secured Payments 💰

All transactions on this website are processed using Shopify Payments, which provides multi-currency and multi-channel processing platform for optimal online shopping experience. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of comprehensive information security standard that all organizations must adhere to when handle credit and debit payments. Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, complying with the stringent PCI requirements and meeting all six PCI standard categories (applies to stores using Shopify platform), including:

1. Maintain a secure network

2. Protect cardholder data

3. Maintain a vulnerability management program

4. Implement strong access control measures

5. Regularly monitor and test networks

6. Maintain an information security policy

Shopify Payments’ integration with Stripe to keeps its security systems up to date with industry best practices and support 3D Secure checkouts, ensuring customers’ data and payment info are carefully protected. Shopify Payments offers popular payment methods and local currencies for smooth and quick checkout experiences, making shopping simple and enjoyable.


💰 安全支付 💰

我們的網上付款處理經「Shopify Payments」於站內付款,支援不同貨幣和付款方式,為顧客提供更佳的網上購物體驗。 支付卡行業資料安全標準(PCI DSS)是所有處理支付卡付款的機構都必須遵守的安全標準。Shopify為第1級最高水平的PCI DSS認可付款服務供應商,嚴格遵守PCI所有六項標準(適用於在Shopify平台的網上商店),包括:

1. 維持網絡的安全

2. 保障持卡人的資料安全

3. 保持良好漏洞管理系統

4. 實施存取權限

5. 定時監察並測試網絡

6. 制定網站安全政策

Shopify Payments由Stripe提供技術支授,定時更新保安系統及程式,並採用國際3D驗證技術(3D Secure),以確保顧客個人資料和交易資料得到完全保障。透過Shopify Payments,顧客可自由選擇多種付款途徑和貨幣,提供更簡單、順暢及快捷的購物經驗。