JMW Professional Hair Dryer - M7502A (Navy)

定價 $1,050.00


JMW Professional Hair Dryer - M7502A (Navy)

Twice stronger air contributes to faster drying and shiner, healthier hair

Cool air is completely isolated from heat to keep hair healthier



  • Professional Salon Ionic Hair Styling Dryers
  • High heat efficiency
  • BLDC motor significantly extends the product's lifespan
  • EMC mode blocks electromagentic waves
  • Green technology - It blocks harmful materials
  • Powerful Strong Air!! Air Storm reduces the time to dry hair due to stronger air
  • Premium High-Class Design Air Storm is produced with perfect design for professionals
  • For the First Time, JMW applies a BLDC motor, that was previously used for an airplane and now a hair dryer
  • 0% harmful substance Eco-Friendly product to prevent micro-pollutant and electromagnetic wave
  • Cord Length 3.5m with 1800W
  • Weight 430g with cord weight
  • Voltage 220V/ 50Hz

100% Made in Korea 🇰🇷