Nevita - Rigenia Shampoo 香薰治療脫髮洗髮露

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Rigenia Anti-Hair Loss Essential oil Shampoo 香薰治療脫髮洗髮露 200ml / 1000ml

The RIGENIA treatment is specifically studied to increase the thickness of hair shaft giving nurture to the scalp and reinforcing the hair growth phase (Anagen).

Rigenia is the Nevitaly professional product line specifically studied against hair loss both on women and men (seasonal or persistent hair loss, hair thinning and areas of alopecia).


Hair loss can be due to many factors that are often characterized by unpredictable evolution according to the season: genetic factors, climatic factors or stress factors. The above mentioned factors reduce the blood and lymph circulations that slow down the activity of hair follicles which if it persists inevitably leads to a weakening of such follicles and ultimately results in excessive and premature hair loss.

Shampoo with natural origin surfactant agents, amino acids, essential oils and vegetal proteins that guarantees a delicate and effective cleansing action, restoring energy and nourishment to the hair structure.

Usage: apply directly onto the scalp, add a few drops of water and massage. Leave on for a few minutes then rinse off. Repeat the application. 

RIGENIA 治療脫髮的頭皮系列

Rigenia 產品線是基於天然和植物活性成分的脫髮的自然療法:

✅ 鼠尾草精油 🌱 改善表皮微循環

✅ 天竺葵精油 🌱 促進頭髮生長階段(Anagen)

✅ 非洲基格利亞提取物 🌱 促進角蛋白的產生

RIGENIA 護理經過專門研究,可增加毛幹的厚度,滋養頭皮並加強頭髮生長階段(生長期)。

RigeniaNevitaly 專業產品系列,專門針對女性和男性脫髮(季節性或持續性脫髮、頭髮稀疏和脫髮區域)進行研究。脫髮可能是由許多因素造成的,這些因素通常以不可預測的季節演變為特徵:遺傳因素、氣候因素或壓力因素。上述因素會減少血液和淋巴循環,從而減緩毛囊的活動,如果這種情況持續存在,則不可避免地會導致毛囊減弱,最終導致過度和過早脫髮。